OFFICE+ services meet the needs of every professional and contribute to the development of your business.

Whether you are a start-up or have strong business experience, OFFICE+ is here to support you by providing you with the technology, daily technical support, equipment and all the necessary tools in a modern, functional and stylish workspace.

The choice of the office and location depends on your own, personalised needs.


OFFICE+ studies the psychology of professionals, aiming to develop and enhance functionality of everyday life at work for higher performance. It understands the flexibility demands of modern life and strives to provide its services in form of immediate solutions that suit your needs.

In this sense, it does not simply offer a desk, but a fully equipped office with the most up-to-date means. Each business center is designed to create a professional atmosphere and provide the necessary amenities and day-to-day facilities such as technical support and safeguarding.


Trained professionals answer your incoming calls, on your name or your company’s name and manage your phone calls according to your instructions.

Your instructions may include:

  • Message recording and sending to you per sms, email or personal call.
  • Putting callers on hold and calling you to let you know, along with the option of conference call.
  • Receiving faxes send to your company number or the number we have leased to you.
  • Booking of appointments according to your instructions.
  • We offer individual telephone numbers for rent, equipped with answering machine (with professional recorded message) for continuous use or for our out-of-office hours.

Should you need the services of a secretary for the optimal coordination and operation of your company, but the hiring cost and monthly payroll is prohibitive for you, we offer cost-effective solution packages of secretarial support.

By choosing one of the secretarial support packages you will have a team with experience and efficiency to stand out from the competition.


This service was designed to make it easier for freelancers or simply those who want to have a fixed point of reference for delivery of their correspondence.

The service includes:

  • Individual mailbox with key
  • Receiving your mail from our company
  • Mail sorting
  • Personal information per customer via SMS or mail
  • Receiving and forwarding parcels through partner courier companies (upon request)

Mailboxes for rent in foreign countries.

The mailbox is rent in the name of your company or in your name and the incoming mail is forwarded, depending on your instructions, with whatever frequency you may choose (weekly, every 15 days, monthly) at any address you may indicate, in Greece or abroad.

This service can be used for business purposes only for purchases from overseas websites which do not dispatch to certain countries, e.g. American clothing and electronics websites which dispatch only at addresses located in America or Canada.

By choosing one of the secretarial support packages you will have a team of professionals with experience and efficiency to stand out from the competition.


Telephone numbers are being rent to many countries in the world and all calls are forwarded to the number of your choice in Greece or abroad, fixed line or mobile.

Telephone numbers for forwarding voicemail and fax messages from overseas countries.

Telephone numbers in many countries of the world are available for rent, equipped with voicemail and fax. Any incoming messages or incoming faxes are emailed to the address you have indicated within 20 seconds.


Tax residences’ service was created to make it easier for young professionals to set up their own start-up company or individual business.
Now you can have a professional seat without having to register your home as such!
The service includes:

  • Storage: This is a specially designed tax residence storage space of 1mX2m, autonomous and with personal lock.
  • Personal Telephone Number: It is possible to assign a telephone number by choosing to set up and record a specific message that will be answered in your company name, as well as the option to forward any voicemail messages to your personal email.
  • Call center management service: ‘You have up to 30 calls a month free of charge, with the option to handle and forward your messages by arrangement.
  • Mailbox: Granted with access by an individual key and offered free of charge for handling and forwarding correspondence (for example, during holidays or long absence).
  • File cabinet: Located in the tax residence and used to store documents.

OFFICE+ is a productive and highly stylish professional workplace, providing all modern means and amenities required for the proper operation of a company.

We provide fully equipped offices with the most up-to-date means for a functional and stylish working environment.

All our offices are equipped with:

  • Personal Computer
  • Wired Internet 200Mbps VDSL
  • Wi-Fi 300Mbps
  • Access to a shared Xerox printer, fax, scanner and photocopier
  • A state-of-the-art digital multifunction phone device with a unique number that we can respond to in your own name based on your instructions and upon agreement
  • 40HD-Smart TV
  • Modern ergonomic office with chest of drawers
  • Independent cooling-heating
  • Regular weekly cleaning
  • Free coffee, beverages & snacks

* The total rental cost includes above services, utilities and maintenance fees.


For professionals who do not need to be physically present in a space, OFFICE+ offers the alternative service of Virtual Office rental.

The virtual office assigns the required prestige to your professional profile.

The service includes:

Private Mailbox at OFFICE+ offices with individual key.

Exclusive phone number managed by our call center service (Virtual Call Center), responding at your company’s name.


The 50-seat Training Room in the Ano Elliniko building is ideal for staff training, meetings, conferences and seminars.

It is fully equipped with the most up-to-date audio-visual media in order to meet all requirements for the proper conduct of seminars & conferences, in the southern suburbs.

Just 100 meters away from the Metro Station Elliniko.

The room offers:

  • Interactive screen
  • 49’’ 4Κ Smart TVs
  • Projector
  • Laptop
  • Modern sound installation
  • Individually controlled air conditioning
  • Teleconferencing system
  • Internet 50 Mbps
  • Wi-Fi 48 Mbps
  • Telephone lines
  • Printer
  • Smoking area
  • Seats with lectern
  • Hilton Seats

* Free coffee, tea, juice and cookies are available free of charge for your break, which you can enjoy in the Roof Garden of the building with sea view.

*With the option to cooperate with a catering company for your event.



OFFICE+ offers conference rooms for up to 50 people. These are fully equipped facilities with the most up-to-date audio-visual media, ideal for conferences.

The Conference Centers of OFFICE+ can be tailored according to the specific needs of each conference, so that it is held in the most smooth and effective way.


  • Interactive screen
  • 49’’ 4Κ Smart TVs
  • Projector
  • Laptop
  • Modern wireless microphone & audio installation
  • Individually controlled air conditioning
  • Teleconferencing system
  • Internet 50 Mbps & 48 Mbps Wi-Fi
  • Telephone lines
  • Printer
  • Smoking area
  • Hilton seats (and seats with lectern)
  • Meeting tables
  • Foyer/lounge with buffet space
  • Meeting Rooms can be tailored to your wishes with the appropriate equipment:
  • Up to 50 people in chairs in “theater layout”
  • Up to 30 in “classroom layout”
  • Up to 24 people in a “conference layout”
  • Up to 21 people in “U layout”

*Free coffee, tea, juice and cookies are served for your break in the foyer.


A proper venue with suitable atmosphere and the appropriate equipment can play a major role in making decision during a meeting, a presentation or a board, since it promotes calmness and concentration of the attendees while giving you and your company prestige and credibility.

If these are important to you, then renting fully electronically equipped boardrooms for 4-12 people is the perfect choice for you.

You can choose the room that suits you and your needs.

Meeting Rooms are equipped with:

  • Smart TVs 43″ & 50″
  • EPSON Projectors
  • Teleconferencing devices
  • Laptops
  • Training blackboard
  • Paper stationery
  • Wi-Fi 48 Mbps

Offered during meetings: Coffee, drinks, cookies.

Option of catering upon request.

Ask for a tour to the Center that you like

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